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Maress Data-Driven Decarbonisation

Maress combines available data from the vessels with other relevant data sets to provide insight on how to reduce fuel and emissions. It is also easy to analyze the effect of individual energy saving initiatives, or whole programs. Our clients tell us that they appreciate how Maress supports efforts in building a company culture and identity focusing on efficient and climate robust operations. Maress is designed to meet the needs of a range of stakeholders such as vessel owners, charterers, contractors and technology providers who offer emission-reducing solutions - and to facilitate controlled collaboration around decarb in the value chain.


Fuel & emission reduction insights
Maress combines vessel data with other relevant datasets to provide insights on fuel and emission reduction. It enables analysis of energy-saving initiatives, promoting an efficient, climate-resilient company culture valued by our clients.


Enhancing marine energy efficiency & emissions transparency
Maress provides essential information to all stakeholders, facilitating transparent discussions on energy usage and emissions, benefiting ship owners, crew, contractors, and clients alike.


Effortless cloud-based connectivity for maritime data
The system is cloud-based with no hardware installation required. Maress seamlessly connects with leading providers of data collection and ship-to-shore technologies. It also significantly reduces fuel and energy consumption, offering environmental, financial, and strategic benefits. Maress delivers tangible business value through its functionality and insights.


The Maress Summer Campaign

298 vessels • 90 days • World leading maritime emissions saving campaign


A friendly decarb competition to see how much CO2 we can save over the Summer. From June to August 2024, we challenge vessel owners, operators, and crews to push the boundaries of emission reduction. Every vessel is being measured against its own unique baseline, and the vessels that improve the most wins.


The goal is simple yet impactful: to collectively achieve the maximum amount of CO2 emissions savings over a three-month period. By leveraging innovative practices, cutting-edge technology, and collective dedication, we have surpassed the success of 2023 by having doubled the amount of participants, and have set a new benchmark for sustainable maritime operations.


Use this dashboard to keep track of the top performing offshore vessels as the campaign progresses.


Winners of the OSJ Annual Environmental Award 2024!

We are proud to announce our victory in the prestigious OSJ Annual Environmental Award 2024, presented by Riviera Maritime Media Ltd and The Offshore Support Journal Community.


The award recognizes VPS's role in initiating and coordinating the Maress Summer Campaign 2023. The Maress Summer Campaign exemplifies collaborative excellence, engaging eight vessel owners and 133 vessels in a concerted effort that resulted in savings of an impressive 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions. This remarkable feat underscores the commitment of vessel crews and the collective action taken by participating companies.