About Emsys

VPS Emsys is an innovative emissions measurement solution designed to help the maritime industry achieve its ambitious goal of zero emissions. The equipment for precise measurement of actual emissions from the vessels is used by forward-thinking leaders in the maritime sector who recognise that sustainability is both environmentally responsible and also economically beneficial.


The VPS Emsys solution is the only class approved, proven technology that provides full range (up to 20,000ppm) answers around methane slip. Used on more than 200 vessels today, such as LNG carriers, cruise vessels, shuttle tankers, other high complex segments and more. Having VPS Emsys on the vessels removes any uncertainty about the actual emissions, and provides valuable insight in order to comply with regulations, charter requirements, and not least emissions taxation schemes. 


Emsys ShoreLink: Real-Time Emissions Data for Smarter Shipping

To meet evolving market requirements, VPS launches Emsys ShoreLink, providing MRV/EU ETS-ready off-ship data capability. Vessel owners can now receive direct, real-time emissions readings sent to shore.

With increasing pressure to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accurate and timely data is crucial. Emsys ShoreLink provides vessel owners with the capability to receive live emissions readings, enabling better operational decisions and compliance with strict regulations such as the MRV and EU ETS. This includes tracking CO2 and more potent gases like methane.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Continuous tracking of fleet emissions.
  • Informed Decisions: Analyze data to reduce GHG emissions and methane slip.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Supports MRV for ETS compliance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Aligns with EU regulations for accurate reporting.
  • Verified Data: Class-approved verification for compliance.

Emsys is a hardware-based system providing on-ship data in PDF or CSV format. ShoreLink enables live data export through IAS and IOT systems for real-time fleet emissions monitoring. With Emsys ShoreLink, lead in sustainable and efficient shipping with cutting-edge emissions management tools.