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Maress is a digital management system for data-driven decarbonisation. With an up to date and realtime overview of the performance of each vessel -and the total fleet- Maress is a unique tool for fleet energy management and for building awareness around the company´s decarbonisation efforts.

Maress combines available data from the vessels with other relevant data sets to provide insight on how to reduce fuel and emissions. It is also easy to analyze the effect of individual energy saving initiatives, or whole programs. Our clients tell us that they appreciate how Maress supports efforts in building a company culture and identity focusing on efficient and climate robust operations.

We believe everyone involved with the operation of a vessel has aligned interests in reducing fuel consumption and emissions to air - the ship owner, the crew, contractors, and end client. Financial institutions, investors and other stakeholders are also increasingly requesting information on environmental performance. Transparency is therefore a key ingredient in the functionality of Maress. By seamlessly providing the right information to all relevant decision makers involved in operations the energy efficiency improves. Maress is the tool that brings transparency and clarity to the dialogue on energy usage and emissions from operations.

The system is cloud based and there is no hardware installation necessary - either on the vessel or in the office. Maress can seamlessly connect with leading providers of data collection and ship-to-shore technologies. Using existing data from the vessels´ IAS or ship management system is an effective way of reusing data to create value, and not least saving the crew from extra work.

Reducing fuel and energy consumption has an environmental-, monetary-, and not least a strategic effect. Maress provides real business value through functionality & insight.